Our Services

Business and Corporate Development

Analyse your needs.

Through the Definitions International Agency, a global corporation which I started after realizing the connection between personal development and corporate development, you will find a fleet of services carefully selected to provide a holistic approach to your business and corporate needs. We engage with both private entities and public entities in various fields and industries, bringing together a collaborative approach to assist in the establishment of strong businesses and institutions that rise above the challenges of our time.

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Public Diplomacy and Global Communication

Making a global platform for business.

Public Diplomacy has become a strong part of the trans-nationalization of diplomacy, with most countries(globally) seeking the extent at which economic, social and political value can be accrued from all forms of soft power. It is based on the premise that the image or reputation of a country is public goods, which can create either an enabling environment or a disabling environment for individual transactions.

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Leadership Development and Education

Building leaders for tomorrow.

Our Global Leadership Academies exist for the sole purpose of reigniting a new generation of leaders from foundational stages of life development—when they are still young. GLA exists to respond to a leadership deficit in our generation through using tools that can best position, expose,coach, and provide the know-how/knowledge in order to solve the problems of our time. We seek to raise purpose driven, vision-filled individuals through a holistic approach, raising leaders who will be able to rise to the occasion in towards global transformation within their current context and capacity..

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Youth Empowerment

Producing Skillful Nation

TThe majority of African youth continue to face unemployment, underemployment, lack of skills, relevant education, access to capital, and access to health-related information and services. This situation is even more accentuated among youth in rural areas. According to the World Bank, youth accounts for 60% of all Africans unemployed and/or underemployed. More than 70% of Africa’s youth live on less than 2USD per day on average, the internationally defined poverty threshold (African Economic Outlook).

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